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Evening number 6 with Krys Jawlosewicz called ‘Your Home, Your Life, Your Story’ on AUG. 19

is replaced with Please Listen to my Story -with GORD RIDDELL

They said:  ‘Is he doing an evening about listening? We know how to listen!’   He replied: ‘May I assume then you have conflict-free relationships, a spouse and children in total harmony?’ They said: OH  And then they registered for this workshop.  In our world of uncertainty, our story can heal but only if it is witnessed, someone must listen, but most people are talking. When we stop talking, are we listening or just waiting to speak again?

Hearing is biological but listening is a choice!

August 19 at 7 PM to 9:45 pm ET you can check out on the site – go to Summer Series and go to Your home your story with Kys J and register there.

Same cost $40 includes HST