Incorporating Research Into Practise


Mental Health professionals are required to remain current with professional literature and research. Learn how to assess, analyze and apply research to your practice. Also, how to interpret statistics and the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. The latest research on Neuroscience will be presented.

This day of study involves:

  • What is psychotherapy research?
  • What are the areas of psychotherapy research?
  • How to assess, analyze and apply research for research studies and professional literature
  • What are the important professional psychotherapy journals to read?
  • How to interpret statistics
  • Qualitative versus quantitative research
  • Different types of research studies
  • How to do qualitative research from your own practice and case studies
  • Neuroscience, neuroplasticity and change, and psychotherapy research

Andrew Kun, Registered Psychotherapist and Reiki Master

Dates: TBA


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