Course Length: 11 weeks
Class Length: 90 minutes to 2 hours
+ 30 min. after class discussion & social time.
Course Length: Minimum hours 16.5 up to 22 Hrs
Starts: Tuesday, July 5, 2022 runs weekly every Tuesday until Sept. 13
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Fees: Regular Fee: $350 plus HST
Elder (Discounted): $200 + HST



We are living in a unique and unprecedented time in human history. In a few years, one in four people in Canada will be 65 years of age and older. The post-World War ll era created a surge in child births and those children, the last of the Baby-Boomers are arriving, over the next decade, at their elder life phase.

Innovations in medicine, standards of living, education and employment have all contributed to extending our life span. However they also have contributed to a world of denial about aging and also denial of dying. While we are blessed to reach such ages, many of us didn’t, we really are not prepared for the time we have as an elder. This course addresses areas we can learn from, explore differing ideas and discover the personal power of our years as an elder.

This course is for everyone who are/will age and for anyone in denial about aging. This course is for anyone who works with elders or have family entering their Elder years.

This course is for people at any point in their Lifespan, consider it advance planning! It is for Therapists, Counsellors, Caregivers and anyone involved with an aging population. It is for people who are aging and wish to learn what to expect and cultivate their own energy to be an Energetic Elder.

Class 1 – Attitudes – Reaction To Terms/Phrases Like:
Senior Citizen, Old Age, Elderly, Elder, Golden Age, Golden Years, 3rd Age, Twilight Years? Stereotypes, archetypes of seniors, Ageism -Gord Riddell
Class 2 – As We Age –Nutrition – What foods energize & support Health –Alexia Georgousis
Class 3 – As We Age – Our Bodies & Immune Support -Alexia Georgousis
Class 4 – Long Term Care – planning, expectations, sex and aging , hospice and palliative care. –Gord Riddell
Class 5 – Death and Dying & Final Arrangements – advanced planning, POA, Wills,
Planning your funeral or celebration of life –Gord Riddell
Class 6 – Financial –Will I have enough money to live, travel?- Orlando Lopez
Class 7 – Scammers- scams and fraud Elder -Abuse Prevention Ontario
Class 8 – Elder Abuse – What? Where? How? Who? What to look for yourself and others- Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario
Class 9 – Battling Loneliness – Losses – of friends, spouse, family, suicide and addictions, Medical Assistance in Dying (M.A.I.D.) Building friendships, community.
-Sabastian Glass/Gord Riddell
Class 10 – What Happens After the Finale? – Research on Near Death Experiences (N.D.E.) -and what these experiences are teaching us. Communication after a loss with the deceased. –Linda Kuschnir
Class 11 – How can we build community? /Closing Ritual -Gord Riddell

5/7 – Attitudes
Instructor: Gord Riddell
12/7 – AS WE AGE -Nutritional Support
Instructor: Alexia Georgousis
19/7 – AS WE AGE – Our Bodies & Immune Support
Instructor: Alexia Georgousis
26/7 – Long Term Care
Instructor: Gord Riddell
2/8 – Death and Dying & Final Arrangements
Instructor: Gord Riddell
9/8 – Financial/Retirement
Instructor: Orlando Lopez
16/8 – Scams and Fraud
Instructor: Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario
23/8 – Elder Abuse
Instructor: Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario
30/8 – Loneliness – Losses
Instructor: Sabastian Glass/Gord Riddell
6/9 – What Happens After the Finale
Instructor: Linda Kuschnir
13/9 – How Can We Build Community? /Closing Ritual
Instructor: Gord Riddell