SUMMER SPEAKER SERIES -Why are all these voices in my head?


July 20 – Why are all these voices in my head? – Gord Riddell RP

Most people have voices in our head which carry on conversations with us. For some the voice is highly critical and can interfere or out right stop us from doing things. Then there can be the dreaded trio comprised of our Critic, Rebel, and  Saboteur usually all three invites our inner Addict to appear. Tonight is a mini-workshop to help in identifying whose voice is present, what is their role and negotiating a silencing inside our head. Through self-compassion we can see the ego and its turmoil, and the quiet voice of our intuition often overridden by the other loud voices. If you are ready to turn down the volume, and experience self-compassion then you need to be in this evening’s activities.


Every Summer on most Wednesday evenings we invite teachers to present short mini-workshops for the public.

A Great way to discover who Transformational Arts is and meet other people with your interests as well as instructors.
Wednesdays- 7 PM to 9:45 PM
Fee: $40 for each Summer Series Evening (includes HST)

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