TS-05 Spiritual Healing and Energy Transfer


Module 5 looks at the natural healing force within you. In this module you will discover the principles of spiritual healing and energy transfer. Learn how to open and balance another’s chakras. Use body mapping and a healing technique created by Transformational Arts.

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Perform a chakra balancing on another person
  • Assess the healer’s intention & attitude
  • Awakening the heart chakra
  • Integrate Secondary chakra system and energy transfer
  • Adapt Polarity balancing & group healing

Course Length: 1 evening per week for 8 weeks,

7:00-9:30 pm unless otherwise noted

Pre-Requisite: Course TS-01

TS-05 – Starting Dates

Thursday, September 15 with Maria Galle

Thursday, November 10 with Maria Galle


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