Vision, mission and educational approach

We welcome you to study with us at Transformational Arts, joining those who have walked this empowering path of self-discovery, healing and transformation!

Our Vision

We are committed to transformation and growth.
We work together with integrity and respect.
We are joined in harmony, unity and peace.

We take our students to new heights of learning and discovery—inward to heal themselves, upward to their full potential and outward to be of service. We foster a sense of spiritual community where people of like mind and purpose can connect.

Passion and inspiration motivate our direction into the future as pioneering and visionary leaders in spiritual, psychological, holistic health and coaching education. The art of transformation guides our creative process in developing innovative programming.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing excellence in spiritually based education and being at the leading edge of the psychospiritual and holistic health education fields.

We continue to create programming unparalleled in Canada by combining ancient spiritual wisdom with the latest breakthroughs in contemporary psychology and holistic health, while honouring the uniqueness of each individual.

We provide a supportive environment where students can develop professional skills as well as embark upon their own personal journey of spiritual growth, emotional healing and holistic well-being.

Our Education

Our approach to education is transformational, embracing growth and change. We empower the student by helping them to tap into their inner learner/healer. We ascribe to the original Greek meaning of education— to bring forth that which is already known or to draw out from within.

We are non-dogmatic, presenting many ideologies and perspectives so the student can develop their own beliefs which evolve as they grow. We believe students and teachers can learn from each other.

We help students to find meaning and purpose in their personal and professional lives. We provide a sound academic, theoretical base while offering practical, hands-on, experiential learning. We provide the opportunity for students to do their own inner work and healing. We are professional, ethical and responsible in all our interactions, embracing the highest standards in education