Courses, Workshops and Summer Speaker Series are available at Transformational Arts College

SUmmer Series

Finding Meaning, Purpose and Possibilities in Life -

with Angela MacDonald - BBA-HR, CAE, Coach, Learning & Development Consultant, Author of ‘Absolutely, I’m Possible’, Owner of The Center to Really Live Inc.

Wednesday July 12 --- 7:00 PM to 9:45 PM

Learn valuable treasures that will awaken you to identifying the possible in what seems impossible. You will learn the power of positivity through the body, mind, and spirit and how to be your own advocate. This session will guide you through exercises that will help you to break through any resistance to change, make vows to yourself (because that’s the one person you are with for your whole life), clear out the negative energies around you, and awaken to what is possible! It’s time to turn the impossible into I’m possible! to really live a life of meaning and purpose which you can call your own!

Turning Fear into Hope

With Maria Galle - Registered Psychotherapist RP, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Spiritual Director, Sound Practitioner.

Wednesday July 19 ---7:00 PM – 9:45 PM

Embracing our fears can direct us to the limiting beliefs we are holding on to.  There are some fears that are very real and we need to be cautious of but most of our fears are only projections of the limiting beliefs that we are holding on to since childhood. 
We keep holing on to the voice of the inner critic that reinforces our fears.  These limiting beliefs keep us locked into our safety zone and impedes our growth.  Working with our fears allows us to transform into hope, trust, and courage.

Who are all these Voices in my Head?

With Gord Riddell RP - Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, Life Coach, President/Cofounder of Transformational Arts College

Wednesday August 2 --- 7:00 PM to 9:45 PM

Most people have voices in their head which carry on conversations with us. For some the voice is highly critical and can interfere or outright stop us from doing things. Then there can be the dreaded trio comprised of our Critic, Rebel, and Saboteur. Usually all three invite our inner Addict to appear.
Learn how to identify whose voice is present, what is their role, and how to negotiate a silencing inside our head. Through self-compassion, we can see the ego and its turmoil, and the quiet voice of intuition is often overridden by the other loud voices. If you are ready to turn down the volume, and experience self-compassion, you need to be in this evening’s activities.

Simplifying, De-Cluttering, Letting Go.

With Linda Kuschnir RP - Registered Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Spiritual Director and Registrar of the College

Wednesday August 16--- 7:00 PM – 9:45 PM

In the busyness of life it’s easy to get bogged down with too many things, too much doing, and not enough time. Along with these challenges, we may find ourselves holding on to old habits, old patterns, old ways of being. The process of untangling from our “stuff” includes exploring underlying emotions and beliefs that keep us overwhelmed, clearing or opening up space (externally and internally), setting goals,
staying motivated and living with conscious purpose and awareness. Ultimately, it’s about making choices that honour our essence and nourish our soul.