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This Certificate Course is for TAC Graduates, RP, RP (qualifying), members of Regulated Health Professions, those who deal with death and dying or wish to be part of this sacred mystery. Course is 30 hours.

  • Assess your own discomfort and fears about your own death.
  • What will be your legacy?
  • How will your Eulogy read?

Mindful Living, Conscious Dying is a ten-week, thirty hour course designed to enhance the skill sets of Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Clergy and Spiritual Directors working with clients who are diagnosed with a life shortening illness or in the latter stages of the dying process.

Over the next 25 years, one in 4 people will be over the age of 65, in North America. There is a growing demand for people to guide us and our elders through the dying process and help their loved ones learn to live with their grief.

Your learning outcomes of this course:

  • Ability to validate the importance of Palliative, Hospice and Respite care for your client.
  • Discuss, using accurate language, ideas about death and dying while holding space for your client.
  • Assist your client in discussing their end of life experience and needs.
  • Determine the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of your client and advocate as required.
  • Explain end of life legalities – wills, types of powers of attorney, executors and what they want done with their body.
  • Exercise professional boundaries and ethics.
  • Initiate the discussion about creating a client’s end of life ceremony, secular, religious or?
  • Support your client in planning their final ritual.
Upon completion of this Course you will learn how to:

  • Be prepared to assist in alleviating the client’s impending death anxiety
  • Saying good-bye when we can’t be present. Learnings from the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Defend a client’s right to dignity, privacy and respect in any setting
  • Recognize and mediate family disagreements that can surface at this time, especially old dynamics.
  • Reach out to assist the family deal with their emotions which can include anticipatory grief, betrayal, abandonment, fear, hurt and anger.
  • Apply the non-linear stages of grief.
  • Educate people what to expect at the end of life and not impose their fears on the client.
  • What do the dying need?
  • Exercise self-care and awareness of the effect the dying client can have on caregivers.
  • Integrate medically-assisted death as an option
  • Gain permission to continue to hold space as they move from dying to death.
  • Stay present in your own experience allowing feelings of compassion, empathy, peace, joy, humor and being connected, inside and out.

Program Update


The Course has increased to 30 hours over 10 weeks with live interactive instruction.

It is a Certificate Program with Practicum in End-of-Life Care.

As a result of the pandemic, there is a segment with ritual about saying good-bye when you cannot see or touch or be present at someone’s end of life.

For those who wish a more hands-on end of life care learning experience there is now a practicum . This is optional – there are no additional costs above tuition at TAC.

Towards the end of the Mindful Living/Conscious Dying Course, if you wish to go further, you will be registered with the Hospice. You will be required to sign confidentiality agreements with the Hospice.

Once registered with the Hospice, you will now have access to an additional 30-hour on-line Certificate course in Hospice care produced by the government. You can do at your own pace, asynchronous learning. You can then begin to work with patients through the Hospice as a volunteer. It could be calling and checking in, zooming with an art class, a writing class, a book club.

The Hospice has a number of programs for those at their end of life.

The Hospice is not a long-term care facility. Hospice comes into play in the expected last 6 months of a life shortening illness. The Hospice is located in Sutton on the southern tip of Lake Simcoe. If you don’t drive, you can team up with some who does and share a ride together. It is quite close to Toronto. It is possible to do the practicum with patients electronically.

The Executive Director is a graduate of Transformational Arts. She said that having the TAC Certificate and the government Certificate with a hospice practicum is a guaranteed hire!
Cost – The TAC 30-hour Certificate Course Tuition of $800 – HST included. Tuition includes course materials, Certificate, a credit for Unit 3 of the Spiritual Director Program for those in the full Diploma Program, Tuition Tax Credit, registration with the Hospice, access to the government 30-hour Certificate Course and practicum with the Hospice.

You do not have to do the government Hospice on-line course or do a practicum at the Hospice, it is all the same one price. The choice is yours.

Mindful Living, Conscious Dying: Registration Information


START DATE: Wednesday, February 23, 2021

START TIME: 6:30 pm TO 9:30 pm

Completion Date: Wednesday, May 4

COURSE LENGTH:  10 WEEKS       # of HOURS: 30





Credit for Unit 3 of the Spiritual Director Program will be given upon successful completion of unit requirements plus attendance of 90% met. This credit allows you to continue into the Spiritual Directors Training Program with one of 4 required unit credits.  This unit credit must be applied with your registration in the full Program no later than September 2021.