Gratitude and Appreciation Referral Program

For many years now you, our students and graduates, have helped us grow steadily by talking to friends and family about our school, the programs we offer and the many different ways that we have touched people’s lives.
We would like to express our gratitude in a gesture of appreciation.

Gratitude and Appreciation Program Details*

  1. You refer a friend to the school,
  2. Your friend registers for a course/program and tells us who referred them,

Upon your friends full enrolment you receive:

  • $25 Credit for a Total Self module or weekend or short course referral
  • $75 Credit for courses or programs from $900 to $4500
  • $150 Credit for a Holistic Health Practitioner Program or Spiritual Director Program referral

This is our way to say “Thank you! We truly appreciate your support and value your endorsement of our work.”

So, keep spreading the word and encourage your friends to tell us who sent them.


  1. This credit has no redeemable monetary value and may only be used towards a tuition credit.
  2. May be used anytime within 18 months from date of registered referral by the recipient.
  3. It is the recipient’s responsibility to notify The College of their referral. Credit will be issued once the person has fully registered for the course. Make sure the person you referred notifies The College and puts your name on their application.
  4. The recipient may at their discretion transfer the credit to the person they have referred and the credit will then be applied towards any balance owing on referred person’s course.
  5. Any credit will become null and void if recipient fails to remain in good standing and/or withdraws from a course.
  6. Any transferred credit will become null and void if referred student fails to remain in good standing and/or withdraws from a course.
  7. There is no limit to the number of referrals for which an individual may receive appreciation credits.