Making it happen – April 2021

Are you starting out or perhaps been working in your practise for some time but its not going the way you thought? This course is for Spiritual Directors, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, Psychotherapists and Counsellors. Ask yourself how clear is your professional vision? Feel overwhelmed by all the regulations and requirements to practise? When people ask what do you do – do you trip over explaining what it is exactly?

This course is open to anyone intent on building a spiritually-based practise. This 4-week course will assist with these issues and help you create a vision and set attainable goals . You will learn when you are counselling someone and when it is the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy. The impact you bring to your work and the outcomes achieved with your clients. With a combined 60 years of Mind, Body and Spiritual Health Practices and as Educators, Gord and Alexia have a few trade tips to get you up and running with a clear vision and within the scope of the law.

Making it happen

Four Evenings with Gord Riddell RP and Alexia Georgousis ND
Wednesday, Evenings 7:00pm to 10:00 PM Tuition $360 inc. HST
April 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, 2021

Class 1 – Business models for Spiritual Careers or How to make a living and be Spiritual. How to earn a living, pay taxes and take pride in you career.  From Hourly rates, selling your services, branding, & marketing, Who is your client, Advertising, keeping accounts, client records, regulatory bodies, HST.    Class 1 – Part 2Envisioning your Practise – What does it look like? Where is it? Who follows your work? Why are you in this work? What motivates you?
Class 2The Psychotherapy Act, Controlled Act of Psychotherapy, and the Therapeutic Alliance Explained.   This is critically important to understand and know what it means to counsel, teach , direct, and when is it the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy. Privacy Act, Personal Health Information Protection Act,  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. To name but a few.  Class 2 – Part 2Building on Class #1 – this visioning involves playing your ideas off of a small group experience. Idea sharing, generating, and defining your practise.
Class 3A fun evening of twist and turns with role plays of the various Acts like the Controlled Act to drive home what is regulated. Learn the importance of ethics. Over attachment to the client’s wellness and outcomes. Learn to explain, with confidence, what it is you do in your practise, succinctly.  
Class 4Presenting the vision you are building for practise and your personal life. A chance to hear other students’ vision building and a further opportunity to get more input from fellow students and instructors.   What will continue to motivate you and keep your passion in your practice? A Closure Ritual.  

Who’s Who – Gord Riddell is a Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Spiritual Director and Coach. He Co-Founded Transformational Arts College in 1988 and juggles his time amongst teaching, curriculum development, supervision, administration and research at the College and Hosts a weekly radio talk show on Voice America.  Gord has lectured across Canada, the U.S., Bermuda and Europe. He recently was elected to the position of President of the Canadian Humanistic and Transpersonal Association (CHTA)  

Alexia Georgousis is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She maintains a private practice as well she teaches Homeopathy and Pathology at Transformational Arts.  Alexia has formal training in interdisciplinary and transformative mindfulness, mind-body medicine, core shamanism, mysticism and life coaching. She also has an extensive background in Naturopathic Medical Education as former Associate Dean of Clinical Studies at the Boucher institute of Naturopathic Medicine, and clinical faculty at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  

Together they Host the weekly talk show ‘Things Worth Considering’ on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio.