Please Listen to My Story?

Telling our story is very healing especially when someone listens. But it seems most people are talking and so, asking someone to please listen to my story is difficult. When they do stop talking, are they listening or just waiting to speak again? In conversation there is a certain back and forth and if it slows down, we can get very uncomfortable. Silence is awkward, and yet to really listen, silence on the part of the listener is necessary . The listener must quiet their own inner voices which judge, and criticize while feeding them their next line. Listening depends on our inner silence.

Please listen to my story is the cry of the masses lost in today’s society. Listening to their stories, the dialogue pauses, and that reassuring rhythmic back and forth is sacrificed as we listen, deeply. Learning to listen, points our sole focus onto the speaker. Our listening is now based on our beating heart and with our heart’s rhythm, we hold the speaker in absolute positive regard. You are invited to join this mini-workshop and discover listening from your heart. The intention is to understand the other person. It will change your life and it can change the planet. Hearing is biological but listening is a choice!

The Presenter

Gord Riddell RP, BSSc, is President and Co-founder of Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. Gord is a Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Spiritual Director and Coach. He studied at York University, University of Toronto then graduating from the University of Spiritual Sciences. He worked as an ordained pastor and chaplain in Ontario Hospitals and the urge to create a spiritually based school was strong. Shedding his traditional roles he went on to Co-Found TAC. Now 32 years later and he continues to prioritize spiritual education as a viable alternative for all spiritual people. His strength is his upbeat high energy and humour.