August 17 – THE WAY OF THE EMPATH: Allowing Your Heightened Senses to Reveal Your Path – Sabastian Glass

The journey of an Empath is often a lonely one. It is challenging enough just to manage one’s own internal experience, but when our experiences become overly entangled with the environments around us the effect can be overwhelming. To cope, the Empath tends to retreat into perceived safety. Yet what if the antidote to such overwhelming experiences is not to shrink away but rather to actively engage with the energies being experienced? What would that look like? And how would that change your life?
This workshop will explore the kinds of experiences common to Empaths, that is, those with heightened senses. We will consider the importance of lifestyle, the need for community, and explore strategies for discernment so that the Empath can thrive. An emphasis will be placed on how the Empath’s abilities, whatever form these take, can be of service to others.    The objective is to take seriously heightened sensitivities and to practice discernment when engaging with the energies of others such that life begins to make sense.


Every Summer on most Wednesday evenings we invite teachers to present short mini-workshops for the public.

A Great way to discover who Transformational Arts is and meet other people with your interests as well as instructors.
Wednesdays- 7 PM to 9:45 PM
Fee: $40 for each Summer Series Evening (includes HST)

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