TS-03 Exploring the Non-Physical ( TORONTO )


Module 3 explores the theories of life after death, auras, reincarnation and other spiritual realms of the non-physical. Develop a sense of higher purpose.

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Compare seeing and sensing the aura
  • Explore reincarnation and karma
  • Past-life exploration
  • Assess working with spiritual guidance

Course Length: 1 evening per week for 8 weeks, 7:00-9:30 pm unless otherwise noted

TS-03 – Starting Date:
To Be Announced


Wish to register? Please contact Linda Kuschnir at 4164840454 ext. 23, Maria Gallé 4164840454 ext. 25  or email: tac@transformationalarts.com. You can also register securely online through PayPal.



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