Chakra Studies II


This course builds on Meditation and the Chakras (TS-01, page 12), exploring chakras and the human energy field in context of physical disease and emotional healing. This 30-hour course covers:

  • Energy anatomy & the 7 major chakras
  • Principles of energy medicine— towards a vision for a new medicine
  • The physical illnesses and emotional blocks of the chakras. How illness occurs in the human energy field
  • Emotional healing as part of treating illness and disease. Possible psychospiritual influences behind illness
  • Dialoguing with a body part or ailment
  • Exercises to develop auric vision, internal vision and symbolic sight. Introduction to intuition
  • Techniques to assess the functioning/ blocks of the chakras—scanning, pendulum, intuition and more
  • Chakra energy release/intermediate spiritual healing techniques

Part-time Starting Date: To Be Announced

Full-time Starting Date: To Be Announced


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