Natural Nutrition and Nutritional Symptomatology Certificate


Natural nutrition acknowledges that the body functions best when it is nourished from whole, live and natural foods supplied by nature. Nutritional symptomatology is the process of interpreting bodily symptoms to find underlying causes and nutritional imbalance. This 30-hour introductory course teaches you how nutrition affects the body at a cellular level with optimal food choices. Learn to identify nutritional imbalances in the 11 body systems using the Nutri-Systems Profile, and develop a nutritional plan for yourself and others.

Course Code: HSC-NUT

Instructor: Ara Wiseman, R.N.C.P., R.H.N. and Hannah Saville

Fee: $405 if taken as part of the program, $525+HST if taken as a single course.

10 classes

Material Costs : Payable to Instructor

The Symptomatology workbook/textbook – $70

Feed your Body Feed your Soul – $20 (required reading)

5 Nutribody Questionnaires – $10

Total cost is $100

Note: A certificate is issued for this course. Credit hours can be applied towards the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s Registered Nutritional Consultant training program.

Part-time – Starting Date: To Be Announced

Full-time – Starting Date:  To Be Announced


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