Energy Work Training Certificate


Energy work and chakra clearing has become widely accepted as a method of restoring balance to the energy field and body.

In this certificate program, you will learn how to use intuition in energy work, tools to work with the 7 primary chakras and human aura and powerful techniques in energy medicine. Gain experience in medical intuition

to determine possible psychospiritual influences behind illnesses and how to work with guided imagery and prayer.

  • TS-01 Meditation and the Chakras,
  • TS-05 Spiritual Healing and Energy Transfer,
  • TS-06 The Intuitive Arts,
  • Reiki I (15 hours),
  • Reiki II (15 hours),
  • Crystal Energy Work ( 8 hours),
  • Chakra Studies II (30 hours),
  • Medical Intuition, Guided Imagery and Prayer (30 hours),
  • Energy Medicine (7 hours),
  • Sound Energetics (15 hours),

Classroom Hours: 200 hours

Case Studies and Practicum Hours: 37 hours

Total Energy Work Hours: 216 hours


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