Spiritual Director Program: Tuition

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The Spiritual Director Program is designed for those individuals who wish to take a personal look at their spiritual beliefs and practices, and who wish to provide formal spiritual guidance, mentoring and direction for others. A Unique Program

  • It covers the 5 major religions of the world in addition to mystical and esoteric traditions, earth-based spirituality and a perspective on the ‘new age’
  • It looks at the concept of being a modern mystic within the definition of 21st century contemporary spirituality
  • Divine guidance and developing gifts of spirit are cultivated
  • The art of sacred ritual and ceremony is explored through sound, music, movement and dance
  • An overview on mystery schools is given
  • It explores transitioning to the non-physical and conscious dying
  • The art of transformation and working with the soul is learned

Who is this program for? This program is ideal for individuals who wish to take a personal look at their spiritual beliefs and practices as well as for Psychotherapists who want to guide and support others on their spiritual journey. This modality is very effective for Psychotherapists to have for practice building since so many clients need direction on their spiritual issues as well. Areas of Study This program is set up in 4 units with each unit building upon the understanding and capacities developed in previous sessions:

  • Our Mystical Search
  • Divine Guidance, Ritual and Ceremony
  • Mindful Living: Conscious Dying
  • Working with the Soul

Program Objectives

  • To challenge & deepen spiritual beliefs
  • To broaden knowledge of different belief systems and comparative theologies
  • To understand the concept of divine guidance and learn to apply it to life
  • To discover the value of ritual & ceremony
  • To explore spiritual and cultural traditions that surround death and dying and end of life care
  • To support others though spiritual crisis, the dark night of the soul and transformation
  • To examine spiritual values and practices
  • To become a Spiritual Director or Spiritual Mentor

This program was created by Gord Riddell, Co-founder of Transformational Arts. Note: In order to work as a professional Spiritual Director it is highly recommended to take additional training in Counselling Skills or the Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program.

Next Starting Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2024 
Other entry points: Unit 2 – starting January 3, 2024 and Unit 3 starting February 21, 2024 

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