Reiki Master Training Certificate


Reiki is one of the most well-known and popular forms of energy work in the world. It is a laying-on of hands technique thought to be of Tibetan Buddhist origin that was rediscovered in Japan in the 1800’s. The Reiki Practitioner is a clear channel through which universal energy flows for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

This program includes the 3 levels of Reiki, hand positions, attunements, symbols, distance healing so that you can give energy treatments, be initiated as a Reiki Master and also teach Reiki. It integrates Reiki with Sound Energetics, Crystal Energy Work, energy field and chakra balancing and clearing.

  • Reiki I (15 hours),
  • Reiki II (15 hours),
  • Reiki Master (15 hours),
  • Sound Energetics (15 hours),
  • Crystal Energy Work (8 hours),
  • TS-01 Meditation and the Chakras,
  • TS-04 The Path of Emotional Healing
  • TS-05 Spiritual Healing and Energy Transfer
  • TS- 06 The Intuitive Arts


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