This course takes us gently into our internal world of biases, privilege and racism. We all like to believe we are not racist, but it is so very difficult to escape what we heard and saw while growing up. Our language, our humour, our unconscious sense of privilege are all markers of how racism surfaces without awareness.
Learn how racism cuts off our connections to others personally and in our communities. On top of connecting to others, how racism impacts our spiritual life.
The complex issues and dynamics intersecting race, class, gender, and sexuality which challenge our democratic and humanitarian values and ideals, are explored with a focus on understanding the value of diversity, inclusion and equity while we better understand ourselves, our clients and communities.
Learn the damage to others when people tell inappropriate jokes or may use language that points at racial groups, members of the LGBTQ+ community and women.
Creating a safe, open and non-judgmental environment to allow such uncomfortable discussions to take place.

Course Code: HSC-DIV

Instructor: Jennifer Drummond, President/Founder of Racial Lens, Graduate York University in International Studies and Transformational Arts College in Spiritual Psychotherapy.

Fee: $125.00 each plus HST – available as a day or evening course

Part-time- Dates: January 14 & 28, 2025
Time: 7 – 10 pm

Full-time- Dates: To Be Announced


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