Medical Intuition, Guided Imagery and Prayer


Medical Intuition, Guided Imagery and Prayer

Understand possible psychospiritual influences behind illness and disease.

This 30-hour course covers:

  • Understanding the symbolism of the body’s physical and energetic anatomy
  • Looking at disease as energy blockages of the chakras
  • Determining the possible psychospiritual influences behind illness, notwithstanding that genetic, environmental, lifestyle and congenital factors may be at play

Guided Imagery:

  • A powerful mind/body tool that can help to heal disease
  • Learn how to use guided imagery for specific ailments
  • Types of imagery—active, receptive, end state, etc.


  • Scientific, medical research on prayer
  • Use of directed vs. non-directed prayer to promote health

Course Code: HSC-MED

Pre-Requisite: Course #1 and #5 from the Discovering the Total Self Program or comparable experience is recommended.

Instructor: Linda Kuschnir, Registered Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Director, Holistic Energy Practitioner and Life Coach

Part-time – Starting Date: To Be Announced
Full-time – Starting Date: April 7, 2024
Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm


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